Splash Custom Colours

We are now able to offer Splash Custom Colours. Whether you want a colour to match your car or a hard to find unique colour. It's covered with Splash on demand.

All we need is the paint code. We can then contact Splash and get your colour ready.

It may take a short while for your custom colour to arrive with us as custom colours are sent with our stock deliveries. Once your colour has been ordered we'll keep you updated.

Name *

To order your custom colour please fill out the adjacent form. We will then contact Splash and confirm your order. Once confirmed we will then let you know if you need a TRI or single stage and send you a link so you can complete your order.

60 ml single stage colours are £12

60 ml Tri colours (base & pearl) are £20

Please note, that Splash custom colours are nonrefundable and are only available in 60 ml. We will also require full payment before we can order your custom colour.