MRP-A009 Interior Dark Dull Green (MRP AQUA)

MRP-A009 Interior Dark Dull Green (MRP AQUA)

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MRP Mr. Paint Aqua Interior Dark Dull Green

17ml Dropper Bottle

Lacquer Match MRP-229

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MRP Mr. Paint Aqua is a range of pure acrylic water-based paints that sit hand in hand with their range of high quilty lacquers. They can either be airbrushed or brush painted.

They have the same amazing super fine pigments, coverage and drying times as the range of lacquers. Mr. Paint Aqua have been colour matched to their lacquers making them perfectly suited for touch-ups or little jobs.

When brushed on they are a near perfect match to the lacquer line in colour and finish. When they are airbrushed they do have a slightly different final finish.

Mr Paint Aqua is pre thinned and ready for airbrushing. If you need to thin further use Aqua Thinner. For best results spray multiple thin coats between 10 & 25 PSI. When it’s time to clean up your airbrush use Aqua Airbrush Cleaner. Clean paintbrushes with water.